Tips To Stay Fit After 40

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Hi i’m dr. sheila Nambiar I’m an obstetrician gynecologist and a practitioner of lifestyle medicine and by that I mean I use Fitness food and lifestyle change as an extension of my medical practice I’m going to give you six tips as to how to stay fit after 40 after the age of 40 so the first one is although it is difficult to lose weight and to sustain or even sustain weight post 40 it’s not impossible and problems like knee pain back pain etc shouldn’t prevent you from starting an exercise program any exercise program can be designed for young and your unique body the second one is when you set your goals whatever your goals are let those goals be tied to your action and not to the result so consistency is the key many people start off very excited and go all guns blazing and they start to exercise for about maybe two weeks three weeks two months and then they fall off off the wagon completely because they have travelled or they have a wedding or they have something going on social life the thing is that’s life all of us have commitments sometimes we’re not able to sustain something that we intend to the point is to get back on the wagon as quickly as possible and keep going okay my fourth tip would be that even if you exercise for an hour every day that doesn’t give you the license to be sedentary the rest of the day most of us have said entry jobs we sit at desks most of the time sitting on the computer etc that is something that we need to break up so every half an hour or at least one hour get up move around and physical as much as possible tip number five would be let’s focus on other aspects of our life as well so while physical fitness is extremely important focusing on other aspects is equally important such as your sleep your stress your relationships how much sleep you have at least six to eight hours every day how you manage your stress is important and the last but not least is especially over 40 you have to start training to increase and to build muscle mass and to build strength in your muscles so it’s not just cardio everybody does cardio at least most people who exercise start with cardio and they walk or they make them some gentle yoga weight training to increase muscle mass is really important especially for Indians because we are born with less muscle mass inherently

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