The CRONA Study: How Calorie Restriction Affects Aging and Health

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in other species like worms and fish and yeast and mice if you restrict the number of calories that those organisms heat and they actually live much longer it’s the only consistent intervention we know of to gets organisms to live longer and so of course the next question is well will this work in humans I’m a software engineer in the Bay Area and I’ve been practicing calorie restriction for about eight years I’m eating about 1600 1700 calories a day nine years ago I think I was eating public 2,400 calories thing this specific group of people from the calorie restriction Society are very unique because they’re not yo-yo dieting they’re doing consistent calorie restriction for many many years in some cases and so those are the people were focusing on this kind of research is done in other places as well but that emphasis is different they’re asking more about psychological next year there’s lots of questions about Who I am and what I think about and how I react to situations I’ve never been asked these kinds of questions this study can really only be done at UCSF because we have a collaborative team here that really spans the continuum from hard core biology all the way up to human behavior the video was practicing it it’s not necessary that it be a longer line it just be better quality life better quality in a sense that we even avoid the likelihood of cancer diabetes rumors and so of course we’re collaborating with Elizabeth Blackburn who last year won the Nobel Prize for her discovery of telomerase and also Cynthia Kenyon who’s a pioneer in the calorie restriction and longevity work and I’m a psychologist and so I am really interested in the characteristics of people who can do long-term behavior change because it’s so elusive to most of us Up next Autoplay 16:24 Now playing

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