STOP These 5 Habits or Your Knee Pain May NEVER Go Away!

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Today we’re gonna talking about “Stop These Five Habits Or Your Knee Pain May Never Go Away”.

-Are we exaggerating, Brad?

– No, if these things are going on if they don’t cause pain now they likely will as you

– And if you have pain they’ll perpetuate it.

– Nice word, Bob!

– Alright, people discount how much poor knee posture, especially for a prolonged period it can result or like I said, cause or perpetuate pain.

– Once again Bob, the keyword posture, posture, posture, whether it’s for your back or your knees it’s need to be addressed.

– So if you’re over stretching or overloading for a long time, it can cause tissue damage.

Let’s start with the first one Brad – Because I think people really aren’t aware of what good knee posture is.

– Yep, absolutely.

– This whole video is going to educate you.

– I’m going to stand up listen I’m tall so make sure I keep keep my face in frame.

– Oh, don’t worry about that get it out of there.

– Look down here, one thing I don’t want you to do when you stand for a while you should have a slight bend to your knee, so you don’t want to do is lock your knees like this.

– You just pull your pants people can’t see your knee Bob

– Sure

– People wanna see your legs too.

– I hope my socks are okay, people seem to like.

– Those are a good pair. – Cause the controversy on some of those So you don’t want to have the knee locked like this?

– Yeah. – And let me show you why.

– Oh Yeah, let’s do this. We need Sam,

– Little assistance from our skeleton has been very helpful over the years.

– So this is kind of a demonstration, in the the between the in the knee joint you have cartilage, and if you stand I’m gonna use a peanut here

– But just wait Bob – Oh yeah, that’s right.

– Go ahead

– So if you’re if you have the knee kind of in a bent position here there’s plenty of room in the joint there’s nothing is jamming, but if you stand with knee locked I’ll put the peanut right towards here I’m gonna lock the peanut, think of that every time you stand.

– Did that come through Liz,

– Every time you’re standing with a knee lock you’re really jamming together the front of the joint.

– And that may not happen when you’re 15, 25 years old.

– Right.

– But when you get older and you’ve been doing this all your life the cartilage, the meniscus that can, people say they hear their noise, knees, cracking it and it happens I mean, we know as therapists.

– Well I gonna even beg to differ with you a little bit Brad patient who was about 17 years old,

– Yeah

– Worked at a subway, and he was standing with his knee, he was standing with his knees locked like that all night long while he was working at the counter and he had terrible pain, and all I the first time I saw my goal, I just want you to stand i want you to stagger your steps out like this and bend your knees a little bit keep them bent like that all night long, and his pain went away that’s all it was.

– So it’s just a matter of changing.

– Yeah

– That static posture and if you think obviously this doesn’t help, but doesn’t really happen with a peanut butter, but at least it’s gonna stick in your mind that

– Visualization.

– Yep.

– So the other thing, what a lot of people do, is they kind of stand on one leg so they’ll what they’ll do is a lock the one leg and kinda go like this, Right Brad?

– Yeah and this happens like you know well, lets say if you’re, if you have a child, holding

– And you put it on the hip, and you and if you do it the same hip each time it’s gonna stress that one knee the same, you know, over and over.

– Right, so Alternate

– Alternate and ideally you don’t do it at all now if your job is involves standing on like hard floors one of the things you may want to do is just get a cushion to place in the shoe.

– Yeah, and they make inserts and they’re not made for arched I mean they you can’t get them with arch but they need to feel really squishy like these

– No arch support on these right any larger stack.

– Or you know the other thing a lot of factories that I’ve been at, they’ll have rubber mats specifically made for like if you’re at a machine a leather or CNC machine that they’ll be standing there and it makes a big difference. But if you’re walking all the time you can’t carry a mat with you.

– Right.

– So then this is the next best thing.

– So what we recommend quite often don’t you take the existing cushion out of the shoe bread and put the new one in

– Exactly.

– And then You can cut it to size,

– Right coz they make these like this may fit from size seven to 12 I’m exaggerating so they make it bigger but easily you can cut it out.

– And I don’t know that would spend any large amount of money on these I’ll just get it from a big box store, yeah.

– 20 to $30 I get you a pair.

– Yeah. So in addition to that, Brad also I know used to do some ergonomic assessment you’d recommend that people would also have a high stool and they would do kind of a half sit half stand.

– Yeah so they call it a sit stand station and this is actually what the right height so if I was working at a bench workstation and I’m working away I’m standing for a while but after an hour or so of that you know, your legs, your back, everything can have a pain.

– Right So then you can just sit, take the weight off of your legs and your knees and your ankles but you’re still tall enough where you can function and get some work done and then you sit and then you stand, so it’s called a sit stand station.

– Makes a huge difference.

– Right

– I think it’s even better on your back.

– Oh yeah.

– You’re getting movement in the back now if you do stand for a while the one exercise that you can do quite frequently I mean, you could do it every half hour if you want is just to sit and do some bending like this one, two, three, four, five.

– So, you are saying if you are doing a

– If you’re standing

– Standing for long periods take a little break.

– Yeah

– Bend the knee

– Get it, so you’re keeping it at end range extension we want to go end range flexion as far as therapy minds.

– We’re gonna show you the opposite.

– Yeah

– Now we sit a lot, let’s say you’re sitting and this is and this is my sister Karen she was

– How is she doing?

– I haven’t talked to her, I hope she’s doing well.

– He’s got like 10 sister, Eight sisters

– Two brothers.

– Yeah.

– So she was sitting, she sits all day at the computer and she was sitting with her knee bent more than 90 degrees.

– Sure.

– And that is actually you really do want to try to keep it at at 90 degrees or even less.

– Right

– Like at this point quite often

– Between the joints and it, it compromises circulation It’s like taking a garden hose like and then you push it so far that doesn’t flow near as good so we don’t want that.

– Now if you’re if the chairs too low for you if you’re a tall person like me you’re going to be more like that and that’s why you might need a cushion like Brad has right now. Now, if you’re shorter what you may need to do is take the cushion and put it on your feet.

– Oh, there you go yeah.

– So that your feet are nice and comfortable that way.

– Sure

– So you want to get to that comfortable right angle so that it’s not.

– And yeah, not only is this going to be healthy for your knees but it’s gonna to be good for your back as well.

– And so then, you know, as opposed to standing where we would have you do this for five, you know, five repetitions, we’re gonna to have you do this for five repetitions every 30 to 40 minutes or whatever. Let’s just go ahead and do five of these

– Kicks.

– Yep, very fast you can do it you’re still working.

– Yep

– You can even be talking to somebody

– Absolutely, if their feet are under the desk, they’ll never know.

– That’s right.

– And you know, the thing is with this is kick them out as straight as you can get it so you get a little bit of a stretch there, hold it for a second or so but don’t do just I mean this is better than nothing but you might as well do it right.

– A little bit of stretching will strengthen you

– There you go.

– So it’s a great one to do also, you’re not going to sit frog style you might you know how little kids will sit like this, i can’t do it.

– Well, that’s because you’re not a little kid anymore

– Or like this or W

– Oh, the W Yeah, I can try it my hips go that way.

– That’s right you are you’re built that way.

– I used to be able to that’s pretty good but yeah, so you’re stressing the knees. Yeah, look at all look how the knees are really behind stress. Now the opposite of that would be sitting cross legged, right or lotus position, extreme flexion Brad and I was just talking about this, this is actually a position where you could get back pain.

– Oh yes

– And you can also get knee pain

– Right

– So I don’t know what people were doing and we’re doing their meditation like this but you know that’s a different story.

– Right we won’t go there.

– Alright, so every 30 minutes like we said you’re gonna want to go ahead and straighten those knees if you can. Alright, next one.

– What number are we on

– Number three kneeling, same thing you don’t want to kneel like this for long periods of time I had a friend he’s 70 he’s really young looking 70

– Oh sure

– But he was working on the rough at 70 and he was doing something and he, he actually was sitting with his foot like this and he got Plantar Fasciitis.

– Oh, sure

– But the same thing, you know, any long position like this is gonna be bad on the knees so if you have to do it break it up quite often.

– Well, this is you know like catches they have that knee cushion between the calf and the buttocks so it really takes stress off the knees I don’t –

It’s just not a good position to be in.

– No, no, it’s a tough one.

– So with walking, okay, that was number three with walking you actually want to take shorter strides with walking because when you long strides if I take a long stride I hit the heel, show all the force comes up through there.

– Right, so when heel strike occurs that puts this axial force, I believe it’s the axial force and your knees fully extended slightly externally rotated the Homans.

– Yeah.

– Anyways, and it puts a lot of stress to that knee jerk, good way to accelerate arthritic problems.

– Yeah, and you know, Brad and I learned a while back both of us became more forefoot runners raised to be heel runners and now we hit on the forefoot.

– Yeah

– Say with walking you want to hit instead of on the heel

– Yeah

– You want to hit on the forefoot or the forefoot and back foot at the same time.

– Right

– That’s a hard change I’ve been working hard and I’m like I’m just gonna get Christians shoes.

– For my wife I we got Christian shoes for her but we just said take shorter stride.

– Yep, yeah

– And she first kind of hedged against it and now she’s like, she’s back to running again.

– Sure,

– I think she became a believer, so even with sleeping having the legs straight all like, oh, wow, all night long. I mean, it puts a lot of stress on it – Right Bob wouldn’t you’d be laying flat but

– So yeah, that is the issue so you could put pillows under your knees – Put pillows underneath your knees or you can get a leg – Wedge – Which is really nice because it’s built for this.

– Right, if you have swelling and things in your ankles below the knees this is a good idea, if you don’t have that and you don’t want to buy one of these you don’t need to

– Yeah, you just get a couple pillows.

– So you’re gonna take the pillows from the kids

– And the course the one that is a pretty much standard I think most people know you put the pillow between legs to to keep the knees from banging against each other and clacking against each other.

– Clacking knees – Clacking knees and causing stress up that way.

– Yeah

– You don’t wanna sit with your knees like this all night long either we’re laying by

– How could you sit?

– Alright, you don’t want to lay all night long with knees

– Keeping the on track. That was a good video Bobby did some nice amazing

– Reminded me of my sister Brenda she was really skinny when she was she’s still skinny but she was really skinny when she was a kid so we all had names for each other, I always called her a skeleton and I will clacky clacky Brenda –

Bob why Bob?

– Hi Brenda

– Goes on oh

– Yeah never stops

– All’s life.

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