Is it Possible to Build Muscle After 60?

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I am Brian certified personal trainer at Bayview or fitness expert, today I’m gonna answer the question: is it possible to build muscle over the age of 50 and 60?

First thing I want you to do before I give you the answer if you have your volume really high on your computer or your phone I just want you to turn around a little bit, YES! it is possible to gain muscle after 60 and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that.

First thing that you want to do is you want to Center your exercise approach around resistance training, and the mindset you want to take going into this if you want to build muscle you got to train at least four times a week, if you want to just maintain muscle you want to have it twice a week.

1 Now the importance of building muscle before we go into is it possible, is that every decade over the age of 30 we begin to lose 5% or muscle which one relates mostly to performance for men, which I hear a lot of performance issues.

2 An increase in body fat because when you lose that muscle every pound of muscle we have burns an extra 30 to 50 calories at rest.

So we want to have more of that that is what you want. Now that we agree upon that and you’ve decided and you put in your schedule that you’re going to train four times a week, with the resistance training you’re going to approach it this way you’re going to start out with compound movements,

What are compound movements?

Your squats your Deadlifts your press,those are the most effective exercises because we can’t do a ton of volume of work at 50 and 60 maybe there are certain people that can, and you will let me know in the comments section you know you’re six years old and you probably can Deadlift more than me congratulations! good for you.

Anyway this is about running your own race so with that you want to do those compound. We want to use our movements and you those are the most important because at fifty and sixty your joints have more wear and tear and you have a greater need for recovery. So with that being said start with those compound movements.

I’ve done a number of research around these compound movements, there’s different progressions with it:

There’s bodyweight progressions that’s where you would start because in my philosophy is if you can’t move your body then you have no reason for moving weights, that’s gonna just exaggerate a bigger problem so you start with your bodyweight exercises, and then you start with some some dumbbells or cables, then work your way to free weights if you’re just starting out, you would make sure you progress gradually.

Next thing when you’re building muscle, let’s make sure we really focus on getting a solid warm-up, so go through the different warm-up exercises to get your body ready for performance, so you move well you don’t get a strained here. And pull because you can’t build muscle if you’re not in the gym.

The next thing hire yourself a good coach, learn how to do the form properly so you’re activating the right muscle groups.

Is it possible to gain muscle over the age of fifteen sixty? yes. So that’s the approach that I want to take to it next thing when you’re looking at is your nutrition. With nutrition you’ve got to look at your protein, carbs, fat.

Let’s look at protein, you want at least one gram of protein per body weight. You want to get them from the leanest source as possible, so chicken breasts lean turkey lean ground beef or if you go through the plant-based versions. Easy way to do it is to supplement with a meal replacement supplement that’s going to help you out.

Next thing is carbohydrates, you look at different carbohydrates that you want to take in. You want the complex carbohydrates, oatmeal, sweet potato, fruits blueberries vegetables.. if you’re on that track you’re on the right track.

For fats, you’re good on essential fatty acids you’ve got your almond butters cashew butters your fish oils. And then you’ve got your saturated fats, you know most people would say that two-thirds should have come from the unsaturated and the third should come from your saturated fat, so take a look at your nutrition because that’s going to help you, give you your energy to train and it’s going to help your recovery.

If you’re looking to build muscle you’re gonna want to be in a slight calorie surplus, so that your body can use that to build muscle supplements, they’re gonna support you on a journey like I talked about earlier/

You want to have your protein powder, Creatine is going to help you just kind of produce more ATP get you get more volume of work done. And then branched chain amino acids, those are a good performance supplement that’s going to help you recovery again. Good multivitamin vitamin D, fish oils all great supplements are Glucosamine Chondroitin, because you know you’re 50 60 it’s gonna help you with better movement through those joints.

So is it possible to gain muscle over the a after the age of 50 and 60? yes it is possible do those things.

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