How to Keep Your Brain Healthy For Life

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Hi I’m dr. Christian Northrop an OBGYN physician and authority on everything that can go right with your body, and I’m here to tell you how you can transform your health and truly flourish while making your life easy.

Now after menopause or even during a majority of women say that they’re worried about getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and why is that? because they start forgetting names no what was her name, I should know this and struggling to find words and feeling mentally foggy. In reality this has nothing to do with dementia because during menopause we move from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere of our brain so we’re far more intuitive and losing a few names are forgetting where you put your phone, it’s just because you’re in your right brain. Did you read one of those obsolete studies that say we start losing brain cells at the age of 25 and it’s downhill from them wrong, so I’m going to tell you how to keep your brain healthy and how you can even get smarter with age.

First of all let’s start with what you’re most afraid of: Alzheimer’s disease, this is a Neurological disorder it’s a neuron-degenerative type of dementia,it’s the death of brain cells that cause memory loss and cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s accounts for 60 to 80 percent of all cases of dementia, it often starts mild and gets progressively worse. Risk factors include age family history, the Apolipoprotein E (APOE) gene, but most risk factors are avoidable.

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is now called type 3 diabetes? yeah, so prevent type 2 diabetes, it’s your blood sugar check, remember that it should be below 100 preferably 75 for your fasting blood sugar, and avoid high blood pressure.

Now why are so many women worried about losing their mental acuity? First of all because actually what we have is a whole lot more anxiety than Alzheimer’s, it’s not a big deal to not be able to remember someone’s name because you’re downloading so much other wisdom, and did you know that even though the hippocampus gets a bit smaller it reps obsessed in memory area of the brain it does get a bit smaller with age, but brain volume overall can decrease somewhat as a part of normal aging but this is not a significant decrease in brain volume and it’s not the same as brain atrophy in people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Now there’s an emotional component that happens when you get punches and intuitive flash is coming from your memories, this is really interesting, we know that the Alzheimer’s plaque often go down in areas of the brain where there are painful memories, the old words of the song what’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget the left brain versus the right brain memories. Memory decline is not inevitable but you may start to forget some of the things that caused you the most pain if you didn’t process the emotional pain.

There’s some other things that you can do besides digging up old memories, Neuroscientist Curt garrison at the University of Pittsburgh studied 120 adults over the span of a year, half were given a stretching program three times per week, and the other half did aerobic exercise three times per week. After one year they were evaluated as follows:

Functional MRI scan evaluated the size of the hippocampus and serum blood tests were drawn for a protein called BDNF, which is involved in stimulating new brain cells, they also did tests for memory functions, these are the findings: the stretching group although quite relaxed had a decline in all three areas study, whereas the aerobic exercise group showed improvement in memory improvement in size of the hippocampus memory area and increases in their blood level of BDNF. Aerobic exercise can be started at any age including age 90 it increases the growth of new stem cells in the brain and the this protein helps to grow to functioning neurons.

Leading to better bring out another study which is really fun and I think you ought to google it, is the London cabdriver study. London cab drivers Believe It or Not actually has to learn Britain street soccer and they have to memorize the streets and calculate the fastest route in order to get their license over time, this has been shown to increase their brain development and it increases the size of their hippocampus and this has been shown by MRI.

So what’s the easiest way to ensure your brain health? first of all I’d recommend to get off gluten and most sugars, dr. David Perlmutter is a board-certified neurologist and author of Brain Brain, the surprising truth about weed carbs and sugar, your brain silent killer and he has found that gluten carbs and sugar can adversely affect your brains health and consuming them over a long period of time can lead to a host of brain related issues, memory loss. mention Alzheimer’s disease migraines depression insomnia anxiety and even MS and Parkinson’s disease and seizures.

The reason that gluten and sugar are so bad for your brain is that these cause your blood sugar to spike and this leads to systemic inflammation in the brain, which is the cause of most degenerative diseases including deterioration of the blood-brain barrier, when the brain is inflamed it shrinks and this results in neurological problems like memory loss and movement disorders, remember fruit whole fruit is not the same as sugar. So what are my recommendations for keeping your brain healthy? eat brain foods gluten-free low carb low sugar diets, lots of vegetables and fruits. Go for the 80/20 rule 80% of it to their diet fish healthy saturated fat and then the really good fats like avocado coconut oil grass-fed beef butter. By the way, human breast milk I know that’s not part of your diet but it’s 50% saturated fat and your brain is comprised of 60% fat. And you’ve been told to avoid fat you’ve been told wrong, doctors and scientists have now confirmed that you can rebuild your brain by eating these healthy fat and so a brain healthy diet helps keep your heart and your immune system healthy – in other words you know every organ is connected to every other organ so the brain health diet also helps your heart and helps lower cholesterol, and remember Alzheimer’s is linked to heart. Also you don’t want to smoke drink only in moderation you know that you know that red wine Singh I think that’s been taken out of context that you can do the same thing with eating some great the colored ones the purple grapes, you don’t really need to drink wine, I wouldn’t do that as the way to improve your heart health or your brand health molest you like wine and then and so forth.

So take a high-quality pharmaceutical grade vitamin and mineral get plenty of essential fatty acids and avocados and coconut oil, keep an upbeat attitude, embrace new ideas meet new people start to study people over 80 who are still working, you’ll see a very different picture of age than what you’ve been taught. Only 4% of American adults over the age of 80 are in nursing homes the rest are out there dancing and having a good time. Ageism runs our culture and people are very afraid for no good reason. Get aerobic exercise three times a week, exercise your brain drive a different route to work, do crossword puzzles, get plenty of sleep.and memories worse when you’re tired I got to give you the number one way to really decrease your risk of dementia you know what it is this is like the overall best 76 percent reduction in risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s come from doing this one thing you notice partner dancing oh m

y god first of all fun it’s cheap it’s aerobic exercise and we keep making new pathways and you get better and better hot new dance and women will be winners especially college and impaired knew how to do even have all these nice women pressing their bodies up against and come on guys dance that will save your life and in conclusion there is so much that is in your control when it comes to keeping your brain healthy these are just some of the ways you can stay sharp regardless of whether you lose a few names along the way and you’ll remember later and by the way I give you permission to stop worrying about losing a few names you’ll get it later for more inspirational tips visit my blog explore dr. Norris Khan where you will find wisdom for body mind and spirit and discover the connection between your songs your beliefs to physical health and your life circumstances and remember you’re in the driver’s fate of your health and achieving those can be easy you

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