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By The time it takes you to watch this video somewhere around 100 people will break their bone, maybe more if you’re a woman over 50, and don’t we all want to live over 50? there’s a 40% chance you’re breaking a hip spine or wrist. And that’s just a few of the 260 bones in your body. Then you’re not doing that much better statistically speaking. Hoping to live over 80 you’re statistically likely to be hospitalized due to a bone related injury, likely from a fall and that’s just the start. So if you want to live a long healthy life and you want to enjoy your favorite activities as you age, it is vital that you take care of your bones,

Now don’t just go chug a glass of milk, bone health is way more important than just calcium, in case you haven’t noticed I don’t exactly encourage milk drinking on the plan, but let’s talk about calcium and a few of the other nutrients essential for bone health yep calcium’s one of the most important building blocks for strong bones so it is important that you enjoy plenty of calcium each day, but did you know that sesame seeds, goat’s milk, almonds, broccoli, collard greens and rhubarb are all rich in calcium ? so is Salmon. So there’s no reason you need to be chugging that 2% milk to support your bones, and calcium isn’t the only nutrient you need to optimize bone health. You want to actually absorb the calcium you eat you need to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D3, Now one of the best ways to do that is to spend time outside vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin after all. but it’s also in foods like beef liver, please keep it grass-fed, wild caught salmon and sardines, egg, yolks mushrooms and oysters. So there are plenty of ways to get your vitamin D, even if you can’t get outside now. Here’s a bonus vitamin D is also great for your immune system so you’ve got your bone building blocks that’s calcium and your vitamin d3 to help your body use that calcium.

So what else do you need? well vitamin K is another nutrient that’s essential for helping your body process, calcium the right way and it’s also important for preventing bone mineralization and bone spurs, things that can actually lead to serious injuries down the line, so where can you get vitamin K good news it’s in all a lot of Gundry approved foods.

So when you load up on leafy greens you’re loading up on vitamin K, egg yolks another great source of K, and one of my all-time favorite sources is something that I consider the ultimate health food Cruciferous vegetable, Sprouts Broccoli Cauliflower and Cabbage can seriously up your vitamin K intake, as well as making meal time just a bit more delicious it’s a win for your bones your taste buds and your gut health.

Now before you go whip up a broccoli mushroom omelet and load up on D K and calcium, there’s one other thing we’ve got to discuss: Magnesium, it’s a mineral that’s essential for keeping your bones hard and strong and if you’ve gone Lectin free you may not be ingesting as much of it because two of those common sources of magnesium tofu and whole wheat are off the menu. Now don’t freak out because there are other fantastic sources of magnesium out there, do you really think I’d put anyone on a plan that didn’t include the vital nutrients they need?

For starters avocados are really high in magnesium and they’re also rich in fat and protein, to keep you fueled up. That’s why they’re the one fruit I tell people they can eat every day no matter what. And if you’re not an avocado fan, go for Spinach, peeled almonds, pressure-cook black beans or treat yourself to a little dark chocolate, it’s loaded in Magnesium and it’s nice to have a sweet treat every now and then.

Now before I head out there’s one other thing I should mention, and it’s got nothing to do with your diet, I’m talking about exercise specifically weight bearing or resistance based exercise, both are shown to improve bone strength and density over time, and you don’t have to go to the gym to get your workout in do a few bicep curls, with your grocery bags before putting your food away . You actually see me doing this in Trader Joe’s or a couple of squats with the laundry basket .a little everyday chores can become amazing bone spring cleaners. if you get creative and when your bones are strong and healthy you’ve got a better chance of being able to fool. We embrace and enjoy life as you age which honestly is my biggest goal for you because I’m doctor, Gundry and I’m always looking out for you and poor Yorick

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