91 year-old Shares Diet, Exercise

World's fittest 96-year-old, Charles Eugster, shares diet and exercise tips

I am thankful to Graham for taking time out of his day to talk with me about maintaining health long term. He is an example and a role model for myself and for many others, and so I wanted to talk to you today about what he really felt like has kept him so strong so mobile and so alive in his life for long term, Graham is 91 years old.

– Will you tell me a bit about what your life is like at this age for you ?

-yeah yeah I play bridge, I go to church I sing in the choir. I go to three to four times a week to do lots because Home has a good basement with a place to do yoga which I think I like

– what do you think has really attributed to keeping you mobile and youthful ?

-Doing exercise and exercise just exercising yoga the kinds of things and used to go biking and hiking and all that kind of stuff,

-You tell me you would bike over 200 miles in the past like two weeks or something?

-Yes in the last might be three weeks and I’ve gone 250 miles on the back the tandem

-I’m proud you mentioned a little bit that you go to the gym and you know two or three times a week of whatnot and do yoga that schedule is that something you’ve maintained your whole life or is that a recent schedule?

-Since the last 50 years, anyway before that when I was young person we didn’t ride cars, I grew up in a cold place Saskatchewan and we walked fast because we got cold and we didn’t wait for the streetcar because it was good, before word passerby so in the cold weather we walked and I think that had a lot to do with because at that time I really do formal exercises, the yoga I started doing my oldest daughter picked up. you look when she was in the College doing it ever since, so that’s years. I guess I went five morning’s a week when it wasn’t working when I went to work for five weeks always liked the feeling exercise maybe feel good.

– I know that you tend to walk after dinner and have played tennis

– I played basketball for a while it’s a little bit quicker I gained a little muscles and it was Alexa fun, we used to squat that that was fun I was once a week it was just plain fun.

-Do you exercise daily even now or do some form of movement every day?

-Yeah I do some weightlifting here, I have a treadmill if it’s raining.

-What has your diet been like all these years and currently?

– Well you know I think it started out well because you know it was the depression. so as little kids we did not have lots of sweets or Jackson. and my mother was careful to make sure that she spent her money on food, meat vegetables and good things, we couldn’t get fruits up in the winter.

-Was the majority of your food been home cooked or have there been a lot of times in your life where you’ve eaten out a lot or bought food?

– Me and my wife After we’re both retired, once a week but we didn’t have great large meals, which I think most restaurant meals are way too large.

-What if you were giving advice to somebody who really wanted like their goal was to stay healthy and youthful long-term, what would your advice be to them?

– Get decent diet and get exercise every day, I think that’s really important. You have to be really really happy even when you’re recovering from something you still should move around and get exercise.

– Is there anything else that you’ve really attributed to being healthy long term?

-I think just cheerful the cups half full add or share with others. My religious background helps, I feel I feel like I’ve gotten anchor and some someone to count on and that is good because you can’t always count on people, people die they leave you. but I think that has somehow helped.

-Thank you so much for sharing all of that information and your expertise and skill and just aging so gracefully.

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